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Good Day For transportation within the city: subsidies can make a difference in the country

  • Posted on:  Tuesday, 01 March 2016 12:30
  • Written by 
    • Oil Minister pointed out that subsidies for savings in fuel consumption to investors due to the country's development, said subsidies could be created in the country's development.
    • According to Shana, Bijan Zanganeh, today (Tuesday, 11 March) signed an agreement in-law of a project to modernize 65 thousand trucks and fatal worn between the Ministry of Oil and Ministry of Roads and Urban Development passionate people in the parliamentary elections and congratulate the Experts the strength of economic policies based on the use of subsidies for the development of the country's capacity and said plans ward "AH" budget of 93 or Article 12 of the law on Elimination of barriers is producing the best practice is for targeted subsidies.
    • the savings could be used.
    • investors that the lifting of sanctions, with the possibility of financing these projects accelerated.
    • According to him, the renovation of 65 thousand trucks and fatal worn, replace 140 thousand old taxis with CNG taxis basis, 17 thousand buses within the city, modernization of rail transport, energizing and improving agricultural water wells in the country of 600 thousand powerhouse OTHER PROGRAMS fuel consumption optimization.
    • that, save face. and the government will repay it to the investor.
    • Energy Conservation does not stimulate demand projects
    • stimulate and improve the economy for investors.
    • He pointed out that creating employment is to stimulate demand in the country, continued to implement Article 12 of the Law on Elimination of impediments to production, savings in fuel consumption, reduce energy intensity and improve the environment are to follow.
    • Zanganeh stated that the transportation system in the country, is still a primitive system, said transport is applicable in all industries modernize the transport system therefore has an important role in the economy.
    • Oil Minister said: We hope that other projects to optimize fuel consumption also results in the near future and to reach the stage of signing the contract.
    • He pointed out that the main pillars of modernization of motor transport Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade, said: The ministry in cooperation with truck manufacturers, finance and leasing can work out well.
    • Zanganeh unit in the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy Conservation, Road Maintenance and Transportation Organization as road and said the bill and GPS implementation plan for modernization of motor transport is very important because the repayment of investors with regard to the bill of lading and cargo is done.
    • Save 7 billion liters
    • projects forward.
    • He said that the project to modernize the 65 thousand trucks a total of $ 2.7 billion paid to investors, he said: In the first 5 years and in 10 years this project 95 million tons, 194 million tons of the Gazglkhanh we witness.
    • Zanganeh said in the first 5 years of the modernization project estimated at seven billion liters of fuel economy carried truck.
    • Oil Minister said: We hope next year joint project to change the way fuel delivery trucks on rural survey is complete.
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