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With the implementation of 17 thousand buses replace worn: metropolitans breathe

  • Posted on:  Sunday, 27 December 2015 14:32
  • Written by 
  • 17000 replacement of old diesel buses, inter-city projects of 8600 million liters of diesel liquid fuel consumption, emissions of 6.4 million tons of greenhouse gases (NO2, CH4, CO2), reducing the social costs of carbon emissions equivalent of 65.2 million dollars, Achieved .

    Tehran metropolitan bus fleet of more than 6 thousand buses of more than one billion passengers annually in the metropolis moves (Statistics 1391).

    The share of all journeys in Tehran bus is around 20%, while the share of emissions in this sector compared to other modes of passenger transport vehicles with regard to passenger ratio is much higher, it is less.

    With regard to significant wear and fuel consumption of this important part of the fleet of vehicles, the company aims to reduce gasoline consumption optimization of fuel consumption and replace it with clean fuel CNG bus fleet efficiency and to promote the country through the replacement of 17,000 new all natural-gas buses According to the paragraph "Q" Note 2 of the law of budget 1393 measures to prepare and submit proposals to "replace 17,000 old diesel buses, urban buses all gas" economy to the Council.

    6/10/93 renovation project has been approved by the Economic Council and the same time to perform better on the agenda was the project group companies optimize fuel consumption will be who is soon to implement the.

    Ongoing activities optimized fuel consumption during this period and to providing focused areas for this plan. The areas of these activities include:

     - Preparation of draft agreements and contracts between the project stakeholders

     - Develop a method and process of the project on the basis of commitments foreseen in the contract

     - Determine the financial practices in the implementation of the project to modernize the buses

     - Measurement and validation realizing savings plan

     - Creating systems Mechanisms for implementation, monitoring, reporting and payments related to the project

    The above measures are now in the final stages and expected to continue constructive cooperation between companies optimize fuel consumption, municipal organizations and other relevant institutions will soon be seeing the beginning of the project. In this design each new car fuel economy will be repaid within five years.

    Implementation of this project besides saving in fuel consumption caused a considerable reduction in environmental pollutants and traffic safety will be increased.

    It has been estimated based on expert studies carried out, the project is equivalent to 8600 million liters of diesel liquid fuel consumption, emissions of 6.4 million tons of greenhouse gases (NO2, CH4, CO2), carbon emissions equivalent to 65 social Kahshhzynhhay / $ 2 million will be achieved.


    Master of Science in Automotive Technology companies optimize fuel consumption

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