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The survey is a project of up to 10 percent of gasoline consumption of the transport sector in South Khorasan

  • Posted on:  Sunday, 06 December 2015 14:11
  • Written by 
Implementation of navigation in the South Khorasan, gasoline consumption in the region last two months (October and November) compared to the same period last year, a 10 percent decrease.
Managing distribution of petroleum products in South Khorasan province, said gasoline allocation plan for the survey started in October this year, a significant impact on the region's transportation fuel consumption.
Ali Asghar Asghari added that the completion of the project (survey) and fleet transportation Positioning System (GPS Qi), is expected cargo and passenger fleet gasoline consumption is also significantly reduced, and another step directions consists of purifying the environment to be removed.
He needed to fuel in winter in South Khorasan province said oil depots optimal storage in this area was carried out according to the provisions, there is no problem to supply fuel.
Asghari the distribution of close to 550 million liters of oil products in eight months of this year and said: Of this amount, 164 million liters to 46 million liters of gasoline and kerosene also been devoted.
Company director distribution of petroleum products in South Khorasan province said that storage is done well in the power sector, said there is no problem with the fuel supply sector.
He also Ghyrnyrvgahy gas oil consumption of 255 million liters in eight months of this year and said consumption of oil products compared to the same period last year, decreased by one percent
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